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I'm a young, hardworking woman who's working in the Computer software and Business Industry. I have strong knowledge of business and languages (Arabic, English, Italian, Hebrew ) as well as basic programming knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Earned a certificate from The University of Manchester Coding Boot Camp. Proactive, out of the box thinker who is passionate about developing apps and cybersecurity. If given the opportunity, I will bring enthusiasm, creativity and dedication into any job role undertaken or situation I am presented with. When it comes to jobs and work, I enjoy working in teams but I can also be effective when needed working independently due to my attention to detail.


The University of Manchester

BA in Business and Management with Italian Language.

Certificate as a Software Engineer.







Fun Facts

I speak 4 languages 🌎

I'm in my 70s retro vintage era

My loyalty stands with Halo

Scary movies are great for adrenaline rush

My dream is to perfrom on stage with Slash and Joan Jett🤟🏼